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Garage Door Repair – Learn the Basics

Garage door repair is a popular DIY task because it is one of those things that is necessary but you never know when it’s going to break down. With today’s high-tech gadgets and equipment, there are many more reasons than ever to consider garage door repair.

Garage Door Repair

Broken hinge: For the most part, a broken hinge indicates that the hinges have been improperly installed – perhaps the nuts were not stripped completely off, or perhaps the tracks were not level. In order to fix this, always remove the hinges and check the rollers for level and tightness.

Track repair: Sometimes, the tracks will get worn down over time, resulting in them becoming either loose or dinged up. If you are having trouble with these rollers, first inspect them carefully to make sure they are not damaged in any way. Then, get a pair of pliers and start playing around with the tracks to see what kind of damage they are having (i.e., rust). Many times, garage door maintenance repairs like this can simply be done by lubricating the moving parts.

Broken garage door spring fix: A broken spring can be extremely dangerous, especially if you place your body directly in front of the opening – as this can cause serious bodily injury. Therefore, in order to ensure your safety, it is imperative to contact a professional and have him/her perform an inspection and repair on your spring as soon as possible.

Replacing springs: This is a pretty easy garage repair process that anyone can do. However, because this is such a common problem, there are a number of steps involved in order to complete the replacement process. First, you need to determine whether you need new springs or just a repair. Most times, it is easiest to replace the springs with a new one since they are much cheaper than purchasing a brand new replacement door.