InventHelp Review

InventHelp Review In A Nut-shell

Let’s cut to the chase and do an InventHelp review and found out more about the company.

Established in 1984, InventHelp is a Pennsylvania based company. They help people patent and market their innovative ideas to companies. Invent Help can help you pitch your ideas to potential investors or obtaining licensing.

InventHelp can also recommend a lawyer for you, for a preliminary patentability search. The company also offers additional services like creating videos using 3D rendering and also 3D prototype model packages with perfect illustration and sketching.

InventHelp Review

Let’s see a few pros and cons of InventHelp

Offers 3D prototyping help
Patent referrals
Confidentiality agreements
60+ offices located nationwide

Doesn’t give pricing information
No legal services

How does it work?

InventHelp helps you with your inventions in various ways. They help you package whatever idea you have and market it for you. If you need a patent attorney, they can refer you to one. It doesn’t matter if you only have a general idea, InventHelp will help you at any stage of your Invention process.

InventHelp is also going to help you with the marketing work. They’ll take you to trade shows where you can get helpful contacts, help you find a graphic designer, and create press releases for you that can be used in publications. You can get started easily, by simply filling out an online form which is available on their website.

Costs of using InventHelp

InventHelp has never published its rates on their site. However, according to the New York Times, an agreement spanning two years may cost anything from $800 to 10,000. This price usually varies depending on how your marketing plan looks like, and the services you’ll utilize. So, it’s obvious InventHelp will charge you for the services they offer. They also have a sister company – Intromark Inc – that takes some percentage of the earnings if your idea earns any profit.

According to that InventHelp review, you can tell it’s a legitimate platform inventor can use to bring their ideas to the market.