Pool Vacuum Guide

Try This Pool Vacuum Guide.

The most effective way of making sure that your pool stays clean is through vacuuming. That is because this process helps get rid of debris and dirt. Moreover, this type of work is easy and you do not necessarily have to hire a pool cleaning expert to do it for you. All you have to do is make sure that you have the right tools for the job before you can start. Either you are experienced in pool vacuuming or doing it for the first time, try this pool vacuum guide to achieve the best results.

This Pool Vacuum Guide

Telescopic pole and vacuum head.
The only way you can be able to clean hard reach areas is by using a telescoping pole. Also, make sure that you have other interchangeable attachments such as brushes, skimmers and nets.

Vacuum Plate
Vacuum plate is also referred to as a skimmer plate. With this device, you can use a skimmer basket instead of a pump strainer container. Another advantage of having a vacuum plate is that it eliminates the need of having to switch the pool pump off or on.

Vacuum Hose
Vacuum hose connects both the vacuum head and the pool pump. It plays an important role in providing the power needed to suck all the debris.

Pool Vacuuming Procedure.

Start by attaching your preferred vacuum head on to the telescopic pole. After that, make sure that one end of the vacuum hose is attached to the skimmer, while the other end is attached on the vacuum head.
The second step is to choose the preferred setting for the filter valve. If you want to lightly vacuum your pool, make sure that the filter valve setting is set to “filter”. However, when dealing with a lot of debris, you can switch the settings to “waste” so that the water does not run through the main filter.
Start vacuuming the pool from one side moving to the other. If there is a lot of dirt, vacuum for a few minutes and then stop to empty the dirt found in the pump strainer. After than continuing vacuuming until all the dirt is removed.

This pool vacuum guide will help you maintain a clean swimming pool that is free from algae and dirt. Also, make sure that the pool water is left balanced by testing it once you are done vacuuming.